iBeacons to be Used in First Ever “BeaconCrawl”

As the interest in iBeacons spreads, so do the possibilities of using them for the food and entertainment industry. In New York City, a pub-crawl – a social event where participants go in a group from bar to bar within walking distance over a period of time – is going to be organized via iBeacons to guide the attendees along. Coined the “BeaconCrawl”, an app will be made in the App Store that will work in conjunction with the iBeacons to provide information and hints of which pub/bar to go to next.

Participants will receive push notifications with instructions, and can possibly include “secret locations” where specials and discounts can be available. The app will also allow users to share photos and updates from the event.

Pushing localized social and consumer engagement through technology is the main goal of mobile app maker Aurnhammer, who is spearheading this project. Other sponsors of the event, which is scheduled for May 20th in Lower Manhattan, are Downtown Alliance and the transportation service Uber. Once again, iBeacons are proving that their potential use can be taken advantage of in multiple consumer markets.